Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Never Happy!

Oh I'm a fickle, odd beast.  Yesterday was a day off from biking but the high winds, blowing snow, and much cooler temperatures had be wanting to point the fat bike for the North Loop.  I fought the urge and stayed home.  In bed this morning I could hear the wind was just as strong as last night.  I'm riding this morning and now dread going out!  Fickle indeed.

Thursday the wind is to be down some but still in the double digits for speed.  Couple that with teens for a temperature it will be a chilly ride.  It's one thing to take the fat bike out and have pogies on but I hope to take the Evergreen out for a shakedown ride prior to the Riddle Box this weekend.  Keeping my hands warm or at least comfortable is always a trick for me on drop bars.  I've tried the Bar Mitts for drop bars but find them too small and constricting of my hand movements.  I'll survive, it's the first couple times out that I just need to readjust my thinking.

Fingers are crossed for snow this MN not for the Riddle Box!

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