Tuesday, December 13, 2016

One More Day.

The wrist/hand was still a bit tender and puffy yesterday afternoon.  In typical Ben fashion I went back and forth on whether or not I should ride.  We got about and inch of snow yesterday, adding to the 5 or so inches we got over the weekend.  I wanted to ride!  But after shoveling and making dinner I decided it was best to give it one more day.  I always struggle if I'm just using it as a cop out or I truly need a day off.
Our temps will be lucky if they hit double digits this week so I figured the snow isn't going anywhere, giving my plenty fun in the snow time.  Crashing on a fat bike isn't that all uncommon and that was my biggest concern, crashing and setting my wrist back more.  I can already tell it's even better this morning.  So tonight I ride!

Friday into Saturday we are slotted for another round of snow!  Currently it stands at 3-5".  Bring it!

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