Wednesday, December 21, 2016

One More Day...

Still working on my health.  Within an hour of being at work Mike said I sounded and looked horrible and I should head home.  I worked a few more hours, wiped my desk and phone clean of germs, and went home.  Jen was gone so I was on kid duty and Brinna had a choir concert at school.  After getting the kids and getting them fed my dad picked them up to go to concert and I stayed home.

This morning I'm a step further in the right direction.  I really, really, want to ride but I'm going to, reluctantly, give it one more day...maybe more.  I don't want to set myself back.

This morning I did sign up for a race, The DAMn (day across MN).  I'm super excited for this one.  I have a few months to think about it as it's not till August 5th.

My fingers are still crossed it's cold enough for snow on Sunday and not rain!

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