Thursday, December 29, 2016

Repeat Ride and X-Rays.

I had planned to ride my county road 8 loop (26 miles) or the extended version (40 miles) yesterday before work at noon, but per usual (with me) plans changed.  I got a lit bit later start than I wanted.  With the family home on break it's a bit harder for me to jump out of bed when everyone else is zonked out.  Also those routes would have me crossing the Mississippi River into Clearwater.  I don't like that bridge in the summer and now that everything is covered in ice I was a bit hesitant to take that route, so I laid in bed thinking of options.
After eating and getting my bottles ready I headed upstairs to change.  Harper rolled over and looked up at me as I checked in on her.  She asked me to cuddle.  You bet!  Well she fell back asleep and I was stuck on the inside.  I love cuddling so I wasn't freaking out.  Those days are numbered.

With a later start I ended up doing a repeat of the previous day.  Sometimes hour rides are all you need.  Again it felt great to be out.
I brought the fat bike home last night so I plan on taking that out for 2-3 hours today.

I got news back yesterday that my hand isn't broke (according to the most recent x-rays) but that it's most likely tweaked ligaments.  I was told sometimes it's better to break bones as they heal faster, great!  I have tape to support the hand.  Fat Pursuit is on!

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