Friday, December 09, 2016

The Week of Wind.

If Friday's ride was any indication of how the Riddle Box will will be a long day!  I did a version of the Gillman route on the Evergreen.  The wind felt hellacious and was unrelenting.  While I was taking it head on I was going 12-14 mph.  I wasn't pushing too hard as I wanted to keep my heart rate down, but still!  Not that we have a lot of snow but the the snow we do have has stuck to the gravel roads.  This little bit of snow was noticeable in the required effort to go the same speed.  It's predicted that we may get 3-6" at the Riddle Box...ha!

I had my warmest gloves on, 45Nrth, and still dealt with cold hands (off and of) for the entire ride.  I do much better in pogies.  With bulky gloves taking in nutrition or even fluids is much more tricky.  However the discomfort and inconvenience is all manageable...I just need to keep my brain in check!

I rode 4 hours for 62 miles.  The Riddle Box is 75 miles.  Being a "race" and the given conditons (snow and windy) I'd guess it will take close to 5 hours.  No matter the conditions the weekend will be a blast.  Going to races with buddies is way more important than the race itself.

Happy Weekend.

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