Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekend of Fun.

It snowed!  Not a ton (3-5") but enough to make the weekend fun.  Saturday the plan was to drive up to the Soo Line Trail and do an out-n-back.  But Harper snuggled up to me on the couch in the morning.  Drinking coffee, on the couch under a blanket, kid at your side, and freshly fallen snow outside made for a good morning.  One I wasn't about to end by going on a ride.  Harper then wanted to shovel snow so I decided to ride later and just around town.

After shoveling I headed over to Plum Creek and the River Bluffs.  Mike, Java John, and Tom had gotten out before me so I followed their tracks.  I could tell the going was going to be slow and hard by the spin outs and foot tracks.  I stopped and let out lots of air.  At the boat landing I biked the perimeter of the field (laying down first tracks) 4 times. I find it funny that I would go insane doing this in the summer but like it during the winter.  Each lap you get to see the progress you made.  Every lap I keep thinking if I go once more it will be that much better.  The wind was pretty wicked so the SE corner would be blown in on every lap.  Yeah it was slow going!

You know it's deep when your pedals hit the snow.  Any deeper and I'd been walking.

When I had enough I headed over to Plum Creek.  After riding and sliding down the hill I was stoked to see someone had put in a path pulling a sled.  Even better it had set up!  Oddly I'm not a fan of winter single track so I only did a half lap and headed over to the field in Talahi Woods.

Once again I set out doing laps around the field.  Even with super low psi holding a line was difficult and often resulted in spin outs.  Sure I lost my cool a bit but not often.  For me this is part of fat biking and I try to embrace it.  Four laps in I called it quits and attempted to make it up the hill.  Almost...about 3/4 the way up.

I then headed down to Sand Prairie.  I didn't do everything but roughly did the perimeter.  Dog walkers seem to be a hardy bunch so I was surprised there was only one set of tracks down there.  Usually it would have been beaten in already.

Wind blown at Sand Prairie.

Making snakes at Sand Prairie.

I made for home but first I had to get up the hill by the prison.  Man 3-4 psi does not allow for fast speeds!  I ended with 4 hours.

To recover we went to the mall to see Santa and do some Christmas shopping...oh so fun!  Ha.

Sunday I headed up to the trail head of the Soo Line Trail off of highway 10.  According to my car it was -21 at the start.  Yes that's cold but honestly it's not that bad.  If dressed properly it's very doable.  I did bring a back down jacket in case a mechanical happened.
The trail had been driven over by the groomer but not groomed, so just the tracks.  Those were covered by about 2-3" of snow.  So yeah, slow going once again!
I did jump off onto some side roads a couple of times to spin the legs and relax the hands.  I was a bit under the weather so that added to the slow going.
I finished with 4 hours.

Finish Selfie!

While I was shooting for 25 hours on the week I was happy to end with almost 21 hours. 
In the summer 21 hours would be 300-400 miles, this week it was 137!  Time not distance.

 I may have pushed my luck a bit too much as I'm home today sick with two sick kids, blah!  Nothing serious just wicked head colds.  I have Kleenex currently stuffed up my nose, sorry no picture.

Time to over hydrate and flush the crud out! 

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