Monday, January 23, 2017

AH135 Countdown in on.

Friday's Fat Bike ride was fun, really fun.  Even though the trails had greatly deteriorated from the recent warm up and rains they were still there, for the most part.  We road North as far as we could until we came upon a bare field, with no alternative way around it.  Not wanting to fully destroy our bikes we turned around and headed back.  In just an hour or so we were noticing the trail integrity was already falling apart.  We wanted a bit more so at our turn off we continued South till we again hit more fields.  We came close to 4 hours.  I think we all would have ridden more but the conditions weren't great and my feet were soaked from riding through so much water!  On the way home I stopped off at a car wash and cleaned the bike up.  It's now ready for the Arrowhead.  I week away!

Both Saturday and Sunday I got out for about 2.5 hours.  I stuck to the roads and was on the Surly CrossCheck studded, single speed.  I did take some gravel roads but they are in early Spring condition...soft.  It felt really good to get out and spin the legs.  I'm feeling ready for next Monday.  I will ride a few more times this week.  I'm guessing on the road.  Some snow may hit Tuesday into Wednesday.  If that indeed does happen I may take the fat bike out for a spin on Thursday.

The Arrowhead starts on Monday and I've always have gone up on Sunday.  This year it has worked out to head up earlier so we are planning on a Saturday departure.  This will give me some time on Sunday to check out the trail!  I'm getting pretty stoked!

Happy Monday.

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