Friday, January 20, 2017

More Rain equals More Down in the Dumps.

Arrowhead course still looking good with 18-24" of snow cover.

Well this map is from yesterday.  I'm guessing it will look very different next week Thursday when the DNR puts out a new one.  Currently it's 34 degrees and lightly raining.  More rain is scheduled tomorrow.  I kid you not if I wasn't tied down with a business, my wife's job, and 3 kids I'd move so fast.  I am so sick of Minnesota winters.  I do not remember when we had a "good" or even "normal" winter.  I'm game for going somewhere where they get and keep their snow or where they don't get snow and 50 is a chilly day.  Aaaaagh!

Nonetheless I meeting some buddies (Charlie and Ted) to ride fat bikes today.  I've convinced them to take on the Arrowhead with me this year!  Excited to see how they like it and if we are still friends afterwards!  In all reality this shitty weather could be the Arrowhead so may as well get acquainted with it.

Initially I arbitrarily set a goal of 20 hours this week.  After today's ride I'm guessing I will have 10-12 in.  Sure I could pound out 8-10 more over the weekend but I'm not going to try.  Saturday is slotted to be an all day drizzle, blah.  Guessing I will take the studded single speed out for a few hours.

Hoping today's ride with buddies brings me back...just not feeling the mojo.  I'm not over trained or need a break from riding.  I'm a tweaker and need more!  But weather, life, and time are a reality.  I just need to deal like everyone else!

Happy Weekend.

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