Monday, January 02, 2017

Ramblings, Mostly About the Fat Pursuit.

First Monday of the New Year!  Working retail most of my life I didn't realize that most have off today since the holiday fell on a Sunday...weird.  But yeah, I have today off too!  I was thinking about getting a short spin in, still may, but I'm going to be more focused on getting my gear and such ready for the Fat Pursuit.  Wednesday morning I head to Northfield to pick up Christopher and start are trek to Idaho.  I also just want to hang with the family today since I'll be gone for a week.

I'm super excited for the Fat Pursuit but at the same time I'm a bit apprehensive.  It's the end of the holidays and everyone at home goes back to work and school.  It's always a bit of a transition and I'll be gone for helping with that.  Since being sick (all better now) I feel I've lost fitness and have doubts of my performance.  I'm sure it's all for not but nonetheless the doubt is there.  This usually vanishes once the race starts. Irregardless of fitness wrapping your head around a 30-40+ hour race/event isn't easy.  Just need to start and keep pedaling.  The rest just falls into place.

These races are a funny thing.  With social media it's easy to see what others are doing, what they are packing, how they are packing, what foods they are eating, and on and on.  I've done several of these events so I know what works for me and what doesn't.  However as the event nears I tend to question my setup and wonder if there is a better way (always a better way!), etc.  I don't obsess about it but damn if I don't let it get to be sometimes.  Winter Ultras are a different beast for sure!

Let's getting packing!

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