Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Riding the Depression Away.

I was close to not riding yesterday.  Work was slow, the temperature was high, and the streets on the way home were a mess...all of which amped up my anxiety/depression.
Jen had to go pick up the kids are her Grandmas in Little Falls.  I was pretty close to tagging along but decided I better force myself out for a ride or face the downward spiral of depression.

I took cleaner looking side streets to sidewalks and made my way down to Sand Prairie.  I ride there a lot in the winter.  I have never seen anyone else ride there, kind of my secret spot I guess.  It does get tons of walkers with their dogs so a path has been beaten in.  I made some of my own tracks in the far SE corner that not many walkers make it to.  I jumped on the swap and rode the perimeter pounding through drifts almost axle deep.
It was nothing crazy, just 2 hours, but damn that was good for the attitude.  Just what the doctor ordered!

We have two sick kids today.  Jen is staying home.  I work at noon and may try to sneak a ride in.  Depends when Jen gets back.  She has to run into school and get some things setup for the substitute.  Gone are the days of popping in a movie I guess!
It's slotted to reach the upper 30's and sunny.  It will feel awesome but at the same time it will make our already shrinking snow pack vanish more quickly.  The plan is to take out the studded rain bike.  It's been awhile since I've been on anything besides a fat bike.

Happy Hump Day.

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