Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Blahs Have Hit.

I've struggled finding my routine since getting back from the Fat Pursuit.  Actually I'd say I've been out of my routine since my pre holiday sickness.  I'm sure if I'd look back in this blog I'd find the same complaint, happens every year, I just don't get any better at excepting it!

Saturday I did get out for a great ride.  I hit up the Wobegon Trail, starting in St. Joseph.  The condition were perfect and reminded me how much I miss being able to ride on snowmobile trails.  Even though it was a there and back I loved it.  4 hours.
Later that afternoon Jen and I headed to the cities to meet up with the girls and the rest of the extended Doom family for a get together.

Sunday morning we decided to stay down one more day and hang with my sister and her family.
Monday we made our way back home with the required stop at Trader Joe's.  Unpacking and putting crap away took longer than anticipated.  I did manage to get out for a ride at the North Loop.  That trail is running so good right now!
I circled back home and picked up Jen for a short spin.  I wanted to take her to the North Loop but we were short on time so we hit up Freidrich Park.  It's not bad just short and choppy from all the foot traffic.

Hoping for another 2 hour ride this evening.  Between not having a routine and above average (snow melting) temperatures I'm a bit depressed.  Just gotta stick with it.  The Arrowhead 135 is in 2 weeks.  After that let it turn 50 and sunny!

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