Monday, February 06, 2017

Back on the Saddle.

After a four day rest (from the Arrowhead) I jumped back on my bike Saturday morning.  I swapped out the race wheels on the fat bike for the studded tire version.  My SE fat bike route is now ice, dirt, ice, and a bit of snow.  Studs are needed.  While I'm down on the weather and lack of snow I had a great time bopping around.  I attempted to ride some of the Mississippi River but came across open water rather quickly and turned around...not worth it.  So I did my usual loop of the Talahi Field, Sterling Heights, Dog Loop, Sand Prairie, half of the North Loop, and a spin in Freidrich Park.  All added up it was about 20 miles and a bit over 2 hours.

Sunday was to be cooler but less wind and all sun.  I opted, as Harper (my 4 year old) said, "Daddy you got the skinny bike out!".   Not quite the road bike but the Evergreen.  I just did the Rice loop, 35 miles and a bit over 2 hours.  A road bike would have been just fine.  Getting out on a drop bar bike with gears and non studded tires felt fast and almost easy.  The NW wind reminded me it wasn't going to be too easy however.  The hands prefer pogies so they inevitably got cold.  Just life with my hands.

Later in the day we went to my parent's house for a Super Bowl gathering with my sister and her family and my Uncle.  As always lots of good food and times were had.

Back to the grind today.  Hoping for another 2 hour ride tonight.  Most likely hitting up some gravel so the studded rain bike will get the nod to deal with potential icy spots.

Go Time.

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