Tuesday, February 07, 2017

February Riding...or not.

Usually after the Arrowhead I take a good chunk of time off the bike, like a month!  But my riding has been interrupted by many things this winter that I feel rested and excited to get back on the bike. But it is February so I will ride when it works and not worry about it when it doesn't.

Yesterday was one of those days.  We ended up having a sick kid stay home from school.  I worked till noon, picked up Harper, and headed home to get lunch ready for Avery.  Yes I still could have ridden but opted to go to the kids gymnastics practice.
So I'm hoping for tonight!  But already the schedule is filling up...life.

Sunday is the MN bike swap in Blaine.  I'm going this year and pretty excited for it.  I started getting stuff ready last week.  Man I have a lot of bike parts and gear laying around!  I hope to move a lot of it.  Time to reduce so I can rebuild!

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