Friday, February 03, 2017


I haven't been able to get back on the bike since the Arrowhead.  Work and kid duty has taken priority.  Funny thing is I really want to get back on the bike.  Usually I'm ready for a break or something new.  Even with our brown yards and icy fields I can't wait to get out tomorrow and just ride!  Even the shop is ready.  We made the switch back to bikes (from skis) about a month early.  The winter that never was.  I'm sure we will get more snow but it's too late for ski sales.  Let's bike!

Not this Sunday but the following I'm heading to the Sports Center in Blaine for the Bike Swap.  I hope to get my crap organized this weekend.  I will be trying to sell 3 bikes as well: Salsa Selma Ti Single Speed w/Enve Wheels, Salsa La Cruz Ti, and All City Nature Boy w/Hed, White Industry Wheels.  Cheap!  Hit me up if interested.

I do have a long break till my next event, Ragnorok on April 1st.  I'm good with a break.  Riding to just ride is what I am looking forward too.  That being said if I didn't have prior commitments this weekend I think I could easily be talked into going up to Cuyuna for the Whiteout.  I'd absolutely get destroyed, but I'd have fun!

Happy Weekend.

Oh yeah, and there is this.  I'm in the brown.

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