Friday, February 10, 2017

Not Much Riding nor Sugar.

As the day progressed yesterday I felt myself losing the battle against my cold.  It's not nearly as bad as the cold I had before the holidays, that one laid me out.  This one is just annoying.  Nonetheless I opted out of riding last night.  I don't want it to get worse or increase the duration.
I'm not sure about tonight but usual Fridays are pretty chill around here with us just hanging out.  I may just do that.  More time off just makes me that much more excited to ride!

March is the month I plan on truly getting back at it.  We do have a trip to Sanibel, FL planned (mid March) but I already have the go ahead to bring a bike.  I'll be shipping it via Bike Flights I think.  Appears to be $59 each way!  We've been there before and the riding isn't all that great.  Lots of traffic, etc.  They do have bike paths but everywhere else they are called sidewalks.  So they are great for beach cruisers, not "riding".  I hope to cross over to the mainland and go from there.

This week I also started to phase out some sugar.  For those that know me this is no easy task!  I didn't go cold turkey but greatly reduced excess sugar.  I hope to increase this in time.  If you read labels it's really amazing how many thing actually do have sugar.  It will be interesting to see when food companies have to add to the nutritional label how much sugar is naturally occurring and how much is added.  I think that's a year off or so yet, however.
So even though I'm not riding much right now I don't have the typical "blahs" I would normally have. We'll see how long this lasts!  Damn sweet tooth!  It's a drug I tell ya!

Happy Weekend.

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