Wednesday, February 22, 2017

One More Day.

Our days are numbered.  Our "early" spring is about to be kicked out by mother nature and replaced with another round of winter.  Thursday through Friday parts of Minnesota are suppose to get over a foot of snow!  Here in St. Cloud it's still up in the air for how much.  Whatever it is it won't be 60 degrees!

Yesterday the girls had off from school as it was a teacher workshop day.  I decided to stay home with them.  My folks took them out for lunch so I opted to get a ride in.  Leaving home at 10:30 I was able to wear a long sleeve jersey and bib shorts!  With the warmth came a strong southern wind, in true spring fashion.  I opted to stick to paved roads due to the all day rain the day prior.  Any ride in February that almost hits 60 degrees is a good ride, 2 hours 42 minutes, 48 miles.

Today is another mild day.  I work at noon so I plan on taking advantage of it.  Looking like a gravel ride up to Gillman.

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