Monday, February 13, 2017

Riding and Selling.

I contemplated whether to ride or not on Saturday, due to my cold.  It was too nice out not too so I met the guys (Matt N., Matt V., Charlie, Alex, John K., Nate) at the shop around 11.  We stuck to roads but were on cx/gravel bikes, the norm for us during early season riding.  Even thought it was overcast, it was amazing out!  Low winds and warm temps always make a cyclist giddy in Spring, but hell, we're still in Winter!  The ride was uneventful, which is perfect for early season riding.  Overall I felt pretty good.  It left me wanting more.  We ended with 3.5 hours and 63 miles.

I only got two rides in last week.  A bit bummed on that but oh well.  I'm still sticking with my February mantra: ride if it works, don't if it doesn't.
I feel I'm mostly over my cold, just a bit stuffed and that last little cough that, for me, usually indicates the end.

Sunday I was up at 5:30 to get ready to head down to the cities for the Bike Swap.  I had a bunch of stuff that had accumulated in the basement, garage, and work.  It was time to clean house.  I also brought three bikes.  It was amazing to see a room (huge) filled with like minded bike geeks, from all ages.  The buying and selling was amazing too.  I almost sold everything I brought down...success!  I priced things to move and it worked.  I didn't sell my All City Nature Boy (SS CX bike) but I kind of expected that.  It has to be the right person that wants to throw down on a bike like that.

I got home around 4 and thought about riding, but I was pretty shot and the wind wasn't too inviting.  So instead I got ready for the week.
I'm hoping and planning to get out this evening for a spin.  It's looking like a nice week to get out and ride!

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