Thursday, February 23, 2017

Soft Gravel and Snow.

The gravel yesterday was still pretty soft from the rain a few days ago.  Combine that with the wind, getting to Gillman was somewhat of a slog.  But headwinds eventually turn into tailwinds and a quick ride home.  Once again I got 2 hours 50 minutes and about 50 miles.  February 22nd and I was riding with bibs shorts and knee warmers!

Every time I checked the weather yesterday the forecast changed.  I saw 1-3" of snow all the way up to 12+".  Currently it appears all the snow may stay south of us.  One of the few times I'm ok with the snow missing us.  Either way our unseasonably warm temperatures are gone.  It was to be expected but I'm not looking forward to the 15 minutes to get dressed for a ride again!

Knowing we still may get snow I hope to get a good ride in this afternoon.  Once again it's NE winds so back out to Benton County and maybe a bit of MilleLacs County.  Then depending on the weather it may be back to the fat bike for a bit or the studded rain bike.

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