Monday, February 20, 2017

Taking in the Warm Temperatures.

After a slow start to riding last week I ended up ok, about 12 hours and a bit over 200 miles.  Not bad for mid February!
Saturday a group of us met up at the shop.  On the ride over I decided I as too hot and took off my knee warmers.  I rode in bib shorts and a long sleeve jersey, nuts.  We tackled parts of the Dirt Bag course in reverse.  The gravel for the most part was really good.  There were soft, muddy, and/or icy sections that left the bikes in need of a cleaning, but no complaints.  So worth it!

That night I took Harper out to eat and then to the mall so she could use some gift certificates from Christmas.  Sometimes it's good to have one on one time with the kids.  We had a pretty good time!  Hell, we were at the mall for almost 2 hours and I didn't freak out!

Sunday, even though not scheduled, I decided I would go into work.  Prior I got out for a ride.  Still on the gravel bike but stayed all on pavement.  The past few days  riding has been so good, it's going to hurt when winter returns...possible Friday.
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all about 3.5 hour rides.  Nice little block of riding.

Off to the gym this morning.  If not raining tonight I may  go for a spin but we all know how I am at riding Monday nights!

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