Monday, February 27, 2017

The Weekend.

I was up early Saturday so I decided to grab a ride before work at 10.  I didn't get out the door till 7:20 but enough time for 1.5 hour ride.  I grabbed the fat bike this time.  I did my usual fat bike ride from my house when time is short.  I still had the studded tires on but so, so not needed.  It's all dirt!  Near the end of my ride I was in the quarries when I noticed the rear was starting to go flat.  Two flats on the last two fat bike rides...something to be said about running tubeless!  For whatever reason I haven't made this wheel set tubeless yet, like the race wheels. I pumped the tire tire/tube up and made it home before it was flat.

I was surprised how busy the shop was.  It wasn't May weekend busy but for February is was hopping!  Bike season.

Sunday I met up with Keegan and Sam for a ride at 10.  Already the NW wind was whipping.  The plan was to find gravel but out that way there really isn't much till you get further west or north.  We did hit some but it was short lived as it ran us into North Prairie.  It was decided to start making our way back.  I decided past St. Stephen I wanted a bit more so we headed our separate ways, I into a headwind and they into a tailwind.
I just took the River Road up to the Rice Bridge and came back down on the other side.  It was enough to get me to 4 hours and 65 miles.
The rest of Sunday was spent doing laundry, grocery shopping, and cooking dinner...exciting I know.

It's a bit up in the air on riding either tonight or tomorrow.  With precip predicted for tomorrow I'd prefer tonight but it's pretty busy.  Going with the flow.

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