Thursday, February 09, 2017

This Winter Can Suck It.

Finally got out for a ride Wednesday morning.  Tuesday we got maybe an 1/4" of snow.  Just enough to hide the ice.  The snow was followed by a cold front.  It was only -5 below (-22 with windchill) at the start but with crap snow and my current disdain of winter it felt much colder.
Because of the wind I opted for the fat bike and sticking to the wooded areas.  Even though it was just a dusting of snow it was enough to "clean" things up and give the appearance of winter.  I did venture on the Mississippi River this time near the Beaver Islands.  I only made it about a 1/2 mile before the main river opened up and was flowing.

I proceeded to do my regular SE side route on the fat bike.  About 200 yards into Sand Prairie my rear tire went flat.  Great!  No option but to change the open, in the's called Sand Prairie for a reason.  Man releasing the tire off Whisky 100mm rims is no easy task.  Surprisingly I kept my cool and got the tire changed.  I continued on my ride.

Because of the flat and a bit later than planned start I got 2 hours in.  Better than nothing and better than my basement.  I actually just sold my "fancy" rollers and hope to move my trainer at the bike swap on Sunday.  No more inside rides for this guy...not that I ever really did much of that anyway!

Apparently this is my year of getting colds.  I've noticed the early signs starting this week.  It's slow moving and not bad so maybe my copious amounts of water are keeping it at bay.  I hope to ride this evening but will see how I feel.

FYI there is a group ride happening this Saturday!  11:00 from the shop (Revolution Cycle and Ski).  We're riding  CX/Gravel bikes but riding the road.  Moderate pace for 3 hours.  Just to get out.  Spring is coming!

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