Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Getting There...

Finally...I got back on the bike this past Saturday.!  Man did it feel good.  Even with overcast skis, wind, and cooler temps I had a good time.  I rode both pavement and gravel.  Overall the back did ok but started to tighten up near the end, 3.5 hours.  Later that evening the back was pretty tight.  Sunday morning it was pretty much the same so I scratched plans to ride.  But as the day went on it loosened up and started to feel much better.  Instead of riding, however, we went to the gym as a family.

On Monday I called and got an appointment at a chiropractor.  After some poking, prodding, and x-rays It was determined my L5 was fine but I tweaked the ligaments around it, which can take up to 6 weeks to heal.  It was also determined I don't know how to squat!  He did some awesome stretches (that took two people) and taped my back.  He told me to try riding.  Again I hit both pavement and gravel for a bit over 2 hours.  While the back is a bit tender this morning it's an improvement!  I was told no hard efforts for two more weeks however.

Because of this I'm skipping TNR (Tuesday Night Ride) tonight and really questioning Ragnorok this weekend.  Even if I just ride it the course is so damn hilly!  I know the right thing to do and I'm leaning that way.  It's a long season.

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