Tuesday, March 07, 2017

It's Still Winter After All.

I went to bed last night all but convinced I would ride my bike this evening, no matter the wind.  This morning as I lay in bed listening to the wind pound the house doubt was starting to creeping in.  Looking outside the light blanket of snow is revealed...more doubt.  Almost 70 degrees to sustained 25 mph winds and a bit of snow the next...Minnesota!  So now I'm leaning on not riding, I mean, it has to be fun!  Now is when mountain biking would be great.
Gym day!
So it's looking like I may only get one day of riding in before Florida.  Oh well, could be worse!

I sold another one of my bikes yesterday, making it 4 (Salsa La Cruz, Salsa Selma, Surly Ogre, and All City Nature Boy) on the year.  The garage has room!  New bike time?  I've been obsessing over a Salsa Woodsmoke.  Originally in the 29+ size but now am leaning towards the 27.5+.  But really am having a hard time pulling the trigger.  I do think it would be a super fun bike but my current mountain bike (Salsa Spearfish) is also fun.  Time to wait it out and see if the want/desire sticks.

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