Friday, March 24, 2017

No bikes, just salads.

Yep, almost another full week of not riding, or going to the gym...and I'm cool with that.  This week has been such a blur.  Busy at work and home (Jen has been gone for 3 days for work) doesn't leave me much time to feel sorry for myself!  The weather hasn't been that great either.
I am hoping to get out this weekend.  Nothing crazy, just spinning the tires.  Maybe getting back on the bike will get my decaying body humming again!

LML (gravel race) is happening this weekend.  I was slotted to do it but with this week, lack of riding, and beat up body I reluctantly pulled the plug.  Ragnorok is the following weekend so I have a week to get myself ready for the hills of Red Wing.

I think the thing that has kept me sane is I jumped back on the vegan (prefer plant based) wagon.  I've been vegetarian for over a year, minus the one fish I ate in Florida two weeks ago.  I don't have a timeline for duration just experimenting.  I enjoy this aspect of it.  While in Florida I reread Rich Roll's book, "Finding Ultra".  Man that is such a great read.

Happy Weekend.

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