Wednesday, March 29, 2017


I knew it must be getting nice out as the shop was getting busier and busier.  I was a bit up in the air on riding, but on my way to pick up Avery and Harper I knew I "had" to ride!  Wind...there was little to no wind!  Plus it was warm.

I finally took the road bike out, first of the season.  Because of the wind I basically did the same route as the previous day, minus the gravel road sections.  I knew the route the TNR crew was doing so I thought I may run into them on the River Road or around Little Rock Lake.  I went too far East at the start and didn't have enough time to make it back that far West.  I'm trying to keep my rides to 2ish hours.

On the bike the back rarely hurts.  Afterwards it tightens up some, but not terrible.  On the mend!  I did send an email to the folks at Ragnorok, removing myself from the race.  Bummed to be missing this one but the season is long.  There will be more.

Shooting for another couple hours this morning.  The rest of the week may be out for riding but then the weekend should have a couple longer rides.

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