Thursday, March 09, 2017


Well damn.  I went to the gym Monday and Tuesday this week.  I prefer riding but life was busy and the gym was all I had time for.  Tuesday I incorporated some leg work in.  Doing squats, with relatively light weight, I tweaked my lower back.  Tuesday night and Wednesday morning were rough but some Advil and stretching really seems to help so I haven't gone in.  It's not great but it's getting better.  I planned on riding bike Tuesday and Wednesday but I canceled that.  While I was bummed I wasn't too distraught missing riding in crazy winds.

Tonight we head down to Jen's folks house so we can jump on a plane to Florida by 6 on Friday.  Missing all week riding does have me wishing I did send my bike down but some "off" time should do me well. The next test will be if I can carry suitcases through the airport without falling over!

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