Friday, March 03, 2017

Windy Rides.

I never did get a ride in Wednesday before work.  Instead I hung out with an under the weather Avery till I had to head into work around noon.  Already the roads were mostly clear of the previous days snow!
Thursday I was done with work early with plans to ride.  While it was sunny the temps sat around 20 and the wind was a solid 15 mph out of the NW.  I took the River Road up to Little Falls.  This road usually protects you from the wind but on this ride it still seemed quite windy.  At Little Falls I headed west on Hwy 27 till I came upon a gravel road.  I tried to take gravel roads most of the way home.  I zigged and zagged trying to stay on gravel!  I did pretty well till St. Stephen area where most of the gravel ends.
I ended with 5.5 hours and 87 miles...nothing fast but riding.

Not sure on evening plans here.  If it allows I hope to get an hour spin in.  Saturday and Sunday are warmer days and free so the plan is to get solid rides in both days.  Can't wait!

Happy Weekend.

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