Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Winter Ain't Over.

When I left my house for a ride yesterday it was sort of sprinkling but not much.  About 15 minutes into the ride it was more of a sleet and the roads were wet.  By the time I was able to get on gravel my butt was pretty wet from the rear tire kicking up water from the road.  The gravel was a bit soft but soaked up all the water so no spray back.
It was a NE wind so I planned on an extended version of my Gillman Gravel Loop.  I would ride through periods of on and off snow.  About 2 hours into the ride it started to snow more consistently.  It wasn't till I turned toward home that it really started to snow harder (with big, wet flakes) and stick to the gravel.  Ten miles later and it was done and appeared as if it hadn't snow at all.  I was stoked the snow missed us at home and appeared to be mostly and isolated section of snow.

I was a bit premature on my celebrating the snow sticking to the North.  About 5 or so miles out from St. Cloud I biked into a snow storm and 2" of snow on the road ways!  The closer I got to St. Cloud the snow seemed to be falling harder and piling up...damn.  Crossing hwy 23 I saw a car getting pulled out of the ditch, great now it's slippery.  Instead of going straight home I took roads I knew to have shoulders I could ride on and tended to have less traffic.
By the time I reached home I'd guess I was plowing through almost 3" of wet, heavy snow.  I have to admit it was damn fun.  Just wish I had a heated garage and someone to clean my bike!  I ended with 4.5 hours and 65 miles.

I may take the studded rain bike out this morning before work at noon but I may have a sick kid...again...ready for summer!  So it goes.

50's by the weekend so this snow will be short lived and that I am ok with!

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