Friday, April 28, 2017

Broken Record.

I'm pretty sure I go through the same crap every Spring with riding.  I always want to ride a bunch but work gets busy, Jen and the kids are busy with school stuff, and the weather all tend to derail my riding efforts.
I did have an opportunity to ride a bit yesterday afternoon, before Harper's Kindergarten orientation, but I opted not to.  It was cold, with the occasional flurry, and a stiff NW wind.  It's funny though as if this were fall I'm sure I'd jump at the opportunity to toss on my cold weather (which I haven't fully replaced yet) riding gear and battle the wind...seasons.  In the end it needs to be fun.  So it was another gym day.  I'm still deciding about going to the gym this morning or not.  I would like to get into work early so guessing I'll skip the gym.  Don't want to get too swoll!

Happy Weekend.

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