Friday, April 21, 2017

Go With the Flow.

Plans change. I was scheduled till noon yesterday with an afternoon ride planned then Brinna's track meet.  But someone was out sick so I stuck around till 3:30 when I had to leave for the track meet.  I wasn't too bummed as it was kind of a crappy day: overcast, occasionally spitting rain, windy, and chilly.  That theme continued at the track meet.  I pretty much froze.  I have yet to acquire a new winter jacket, having lost mine in our fire.
I toyed with the idea of getting up early and riding this morning but that forces kid duty on others and it was going to be below freezing.  Sure I can ride in that and have many times.  I'm just lacking some of the gear and drive to do so.  I'm skipping the gym so I can get to work early and get my mountain bike ready to ride.  Pretty much just need to recharge the tubeless tires...I hope!  Riding this afternoon is out as it's the Earth Day Half Marathon Expo and Avery is doing the 2k fun run.

Looking to the weekend for rides.  Long gravel ride Saturday and hopefully some dirt (somewhere) on Sunday.

Happy Weekend.

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