Thursday, April 27, 2017

No Routine.

Ugh.  After Monday's mountain bike ride I haven't been back on the bike.  Tuesday we had family haircuts (that never happened) but it was raining anyway, albeit later than predicted.  Still bumming I didn't get up early to ride that morning.  Wednesday pretty much rained, sleeted, or snowed all day.  I have a window of opportunity this afternoon for a short ride but I'm not looking forward to it...stupid weather.  It's a maybe.  I'll hit the gym again this morning.

I have a wedding this weekend in Marshall, MN.  I plan on biking there, not using highway 23.  Ted made me a sweet route.  Plus it currently is looking like I may have a tailwind most, if not all, of the way!

Maybe a ride this afternoon, hopefully a short ride on Friday, big ride on Saturday, and Harper's Birthday on Sunday.
Then back to snow and rain on Monday!

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