Thursday, April 20, 2017

Pushing Through the Hump Day.

Waking up yesterday I wasn't sure I'd ride.  It was cold and I'm lacking most cool weather cycling clothing at the moment.  While getting kids to school the sun was out and warming quickly.  Time to ride!  I worked at noon and wanted to head in a bit early so I planned on 2 hours.  I basically did a version of the rides I've been doing since the wind as been roughly the same.  While it's only been three rides back I'm started to feel better on the bike.  I still have a ways to go but the legs are coming around.  The lungs and heart need work.
Even though it rained a lot of the afternoon and evening work was pretty busy.  Man this has been a fun Spring at the shop.

I have the afternoon off from work but Brinna has a track meet.  I may try to sneak a ride in if it works.  Hitting the gym this morning just in case.
Hoping for a long ride this weekend.  Also craving some dirt so I hope things dry out.

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