Monday, April 24, 2017

Solid Week.

Saturday I met Mr. Anderson at is house around 9:30 for a shot of espresso and a ride.  We didn't have a real agenda other than 4+ hours.  The wind was out of the west so we headed mostly that way. We did plan on some gravel but heading west it takes sometime before any gravel shows up.  We eventually did hit some gravel but spent most of our time on pavement.  We climbed the gravel road that runs perpendicular to the Farming Hill route.  We didn't push the pace at all on this ride but having not ridden in sometime that hill combined with a headwind put my heart rate almost at my max!  It's weird because the legs feels great the lungs and heart just need a bit more time to come around.
In Albany we stopped to refuel.  Mr. Anderson has a fetish for pizza on rides (which is odd as we wouldn't touch the stuff at home).  We hit up.  two gas stations and neither had pizza.  That too is odd!
We ended with a bit over 4 hours and 77 miles.  I even earned a KOM on Strava, ha!

Sunday I wanted to head up to Cuyuna with Chris from work but in the end decided being gone for the day wasn't the best choice.  I did get a 3.5 hour ride in.  I left around 8:30, making my way to the Sherburne Wildlife Refuge.  Once there I took the 7 mile, gravel loop through the park.  I wish it was longer, its such a beautiful section.

For the week I was just shy of 12 hours of riding and 2 gym days.  Not bad for the first week back, I'll take it!
Hoping to hit some dirt this afternoon/evening, craving the mountain bike.

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