Tuesday, May 30, 2017

DK Week is Here!

Friday I posted that Thursday was my last big ride before Dirty Kanza...I lied.  Saturday I was up early, 5, to get to the Apple Duathlon where I was the on hand bike mechanic.  I was done with this much earlier than I anticipated so I decided to leave on my ride earlier.  It was a bit overcast but the wind was finally out of the SW, opening different routes,  and not very strong.  Newish routes, great gravel, nice weather, good feeling legs, all combined made for a great ride, a ride I didn't want to end.

I did make it to Darwin and took the obligatory picture of the biggest ball of twine.  I continued south a bit more before I made my way for home.  Ended with 114 miles in 6 hours and change.  Sunday I worked but I got ride in beforehand.  I was greeted with blue skies but also a ridiculous headwind.  The wind hasn't stopped yet!
The week ended with 20 hours.

Not wanting to battle the wind, despite wanting to ride my Evergreen to break in the new tires, I opted for the mountain bike.  I kept it local: Talahi Woods, Plum Creek, North Loop, 10th Street Quarries, and Sand Prairie.  I met up with Nate for a good portion of it.  Man mountain biking is fun. A bit over 3 hours flew by.

I was hoping to get out and ride the Evergreen this afternoon but already the NW wind is sitting at 15 mph.  I may just bag it.  If I do go it will be short and sweet.

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Jazzie said...

I never tried a duathlon before but I am looking forward to try it in the near future. I am new to cycling and still have a lot to learn in order to join a big race someday.

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