Monday, May 22, 2017

Is It Done Raining?!

I guess I should feel lucky I got the riding in that I did.  With life and the weather it was a hectic week.  Despite all that I still got about 14 hours in.  Not what I wanted but good enough.
I did bring my bike to Madison hoping to get a ride in but there too, like home, was inundated with rain.  On Sunday I thought about getting picked up somewhere along I94 but the logistics of that wasn't panning out so I pushed back riding till we dropped Jen's parents off in Coon Rapids.  By the time we got there it was drizzling, 44 degrees, and a 20 mph headwind.  Yeah I took the car home!

This week looks to be better in the weather department (well at least the rain part) but still pretty busy with kid activities.  May be some early morning rides in my future.  I really want to mountain bike but guessing the trails will need a few dry days before they are ready.  I also need to get my road bike back running (quietly) so I'm not taking the "gravel" bike on road rides.  Ben problems.

Happy (Dry) Monday.

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