Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Last Day of Work.

No ride.  Work was crazy busy for a cold, windy Tuesday.  Once home my dad and I put back the closet that came crashing down 3:00 am that morning.  I think you could do pull-ups on it now!

I work all day today 9-8 but plan on a short mtb spin this morning.  Not looking like I'll get out on the new tires before DK.  Well I guess Friday in Emporia but then it will be too late to change.  I usually don't put a lot of angst into races but damn I do obsess about tire selection!  I was given a set of some limited edition Terravail Cannonball tires.  They normally run 38 but these are 42.  The 38's tend to run a bit big so these aren't ginormous my any means but big enough.  But too big?  What if it's muddy?  Tire clearance?  Ahhhh!  I will say the bit I have ridden them around the parking lot at work, etc is that they are super comfy.  I guess for 200 miles I will take the extra comfort.  Nonetheless I'm still tweaking some about it!

I made the fillings for some vegan burritos last night.  The plan is to have some cold burritos at the checkpoints.  Not even sure I will eat them but it's nice to have options other than sweet things during long races.  I also packed some Fritos.  The last time I did DK it was crazy hot and humid.  Fritos saved me!

Time to gear and ride.

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