Thursday, May 25, 2017

Night Gravel!

It's been way too long since I've done a night ride, let alone night gravel.  After Avery's orchestra concert I was off on the Evergreen.  Get wasn't raining!  Nor was it windy!  With the cooler and wet weather I haven't really noticed how long daylight sticks around. I didn't need to turn my lights on till 8:30 or so.  Around 9:00 the bugs came out.  Open mouth breathing was risky at this point.
I realized I had forgotten my phone about mid ride.  Not a big deal but I said I would be back sometime around 9:30.  Had I had my phone I would have pushed East and North just a bit more.  It was one of those nights.  Nonetheless I got 3 hours in.  Having had 3 days off the bike and one easier ride my legs were feeling great.  I'll get out again today for a longer ride.

This morning I have a breakfast event to attend at Brinna's school.  I was to work till noon today but the school event trumps that.  This afternoon/evening Harper has a school picnic/graduation thing.  Busy week of school activities!

A week from today I will head down to Emporia, KS for the the DK 200.  I'm ready and excited!  Now I just need to stop obsessing about what tire width to run!

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Paul Fickle said...

I loved doing that in February/March. Very peaceful riding out there in the Benton county dark. Minus the occasion dog chase.