Friday, May 26, 2017

One Last Big One.

Yesterday's ride was a bit different than Wednesday night.  Maybe I was bit tired from the ride as it had been less than 12 hours since the ride or maybe it was the wind, hills, gravel, and heat.  Whatever it was it was a burner. It was fun and I still enjoyed it, I just felt I working harder than I should be for the given speed.

I started out doing parts of the Dirt Bag course but later decided to keep going south into the wind.  If you haven't been to southern Wright County, let me tell you it's hilly!  Nothing crazy just rollers upon rollers.
It wasn't "hot' by any means but we haven't had much heat to ride it so the little bit of heat we had was good DK training for me.  The sad part is it started to get to me a bit 4-5 hours in.  Nothing bad just a bit funky feeling.  I'm guessing it was due to not enough fluids.  Lack of fluids causes lots of issues.  Like my legs are more sore than normal right now.  In a bit over 6 hours (107 miles) I had 100 oz of water.  With the wind and heat I should have had at least 150.  Dummy!

A busy weekend is on tap but I should manage a couple rides here and there.  No more big miles as DK is next Saturday.  I'm getting pretty excited.

Happy Weekend!

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