Friday, May 12, 2017

Popping out Centuries.

I had yesterday off form work since I'm working Saturday.  After getting the kids to school I jumped on the Evergreen and headed out.  It was a N/NW wind but I headed South first to avoid having to come back on the same route I went out on.  When I made my turn North I was  hit with the wind.  It was much stronger than I anticipated.
I did hit gravel when the opportunity arose.  A lot of the gravel was rocky and fresh.  Toss that in with a headwind and the going was a bit slow.  But great fun nonetheless.  It was a gorgeous day!
Ended with 100 miles in 5.5 hours.
After the ride it was time to get two of the kids, dinner, meet up with Jen, and head out to ColdSpring for another track meet.

Next week I had planned on doing the Alexander 380 but a wedding has come up so I will be heading to Madison, WI.  Routes were made and I planned to bike to Madison in two days, leaving Friday.  This week I've started to second guess myself.  Not that I don't think that I can do it or a lack of desire but Thursday is the day I'd have to leave and It's Brinna's last track meet as an 8th grader, CLC (Central Lakes Conference Meet).  What to do...?!

While I work tomorrow I hope to get a few hours in on dawn patrol prior to work.  That is always an "up in the air" plan.  If I wake up too tired I'll go back to sleep.  Sleep is more important than riding, even if I do regret it later in the day!

Happy Weekend.

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