Thursday, May 18, 2017


What a wet week, blah.  Despite all the rain I have managed to get out riding on Monday and Wednesday.  Going to bed Tuesday night it looked like Wednesday morning would be a wash out.  But per the norm the forecast changed and it was dry.  Stoked to have nabbed 3 hours.  A benefit of all the rain is the gravel is running pretty fast and the dust is gone.  Shortly after getting to work around noon it started to rain and really hasn't stopped.

Today was the day I was to start biking to Madison.  That is no longer happening.  I'm still a bit bummed as I was really looking forward to the adventure.  I hope to get a ride in today, weather dependent.  A super big week has turned into a whatever week.  So it goes.
I'm contemplating bringing my bike to Madison but if I do that I will feel the "need" to bike and not sure on how much time I will have.  Sometimes it's hard being a nut job!

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