Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Finally I made a TNR, Tuesday Night Ride!  I have to admit I was a bit anxious for the ride.  I wasn't sure how I would fair from taking such a long break from early Spring riding.  There were 11 of us at the start, which is big for a TNR!
We hit up 7 Wonders, Tower, and back home.  On the flats I as fine and on the hills I was ok.  I haven't been in the pain cave for some time so I'm not able to push past it, or unwilling.  That comes with more time in the cave.
Overall I was happy with how I did.  Where I suffered the most, along with the hills, was when I went to the back after a pull, the line was strung out, a gap would form off the front, it was very hard for me to try and bridge back up from the back.  Not always successful.  That will come.

We ended in the dark with 63 miles in 3 hours.  Unfortunately I will miss the next two TNR's due to kid obligations.  Back at work I met up with some staff to stay late and build bikes.  We got over 20 built!

Heading out for a spin this morning on parts of the Dirt Bag then off to work.

Mid week already.

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