Wednesday, May 03, 2017

TNR...Solo Version.

I flipped my Tuesday and Thursday work schedule around so I could get Harper home for a nap.  Coming off a wedding and Birthday weekend she needed the sleep.  Before getting home we stopped off at a park to play in the sun a bit.  After I got Harper down my mom was home and offered to watch Harper.  Time to ride!

Looking at the hourly forecast it showed the wind switching directions around 8.  I banked on it switching sooner and headed down county road 8, with the wind.  I basically did a straight shot south.  County road 8 to 24 to 6.  At Howard Lake on continued on 6 to Winsted.  Outside of Windsted I made my turn West.  This eventually crossed paths with the Luce Line Trail.  I took that to Jade Road and made my way back home.  Basically another straight shot, so a large, skinny rectangle.

I was wrong on the wind.  I had a headwind the entire way home.  It wasn't crazy strong but strong enough I was working much harder.  Not really having a plan I only brought 3 bottles and a bit of food and no money.  I was starting to get pretty low on fluids.
I made a quick stop at a park outside of St. Augusta to refill my bottles on well good and cold!  Despite almost being home I needed the water.

I ended with 103 miles and 5 hours and 15 minutes.  Not exactly the idea when I left but the sun (and tail wind at the start) felt so good.  Overall I felt pretty dang good too.  My heart rate is finally starting to come back in line after my long break.  The legs still felt Saturday's ride but nothing serious.  A spin before work today at noon is on tap.

Man the sun is nice!

And Happy 11th Birthday Avery!

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