Thursday, May 04, 2017

Up and at em.

Work and a track meet have me tied up most of the day so if I want a ride in I need to get up early.  So up at 4:45!
I should be on the bike no later than 5:15 giving me almost 2 hours of ride time.  Being on a time constraint already has my anxiety going.  Nut job!

I worked at noon yesterday allowing me time to get out for 2.5 hours on the bike.  I've been obsessed with riding my Evergreen (gravel type bike) but now I'm really into my road bike, albeit damn noisy. Getting PF30 for a BB was the only mistake I made with my Seven's.  Both will be sent off this fall/winter to get threaded for T47.

OK time is short.
Gotta go.

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