Monday, May 08, 2017

Weekend Recap.

Wow, what a weekend of beautiful weather!  Sun, breezy but not too bad, and comfortably warm.  That could be summer for me.
Saturday was a bit up in the air but in the end I pretty much had a free pass to ride.  I slept in some so I got a later start at around 9:30.  I grabbed the Evergreen and headed into the wind, E/NE.  I basically took paved roads to Mille Lacs County.  There I hit gravel.  Many of the gravel roads in Mille Lacs county are narrow, windy, and surrounded by trees.  A nice change from the gravel closer to home.  I ventured further East than normal allowing me many new roads to discover.  When I made my way West I noticed the wind wasn't at my back or side as expected but rather in my face...typical!
I decided to use a hydration pack and two water bottles to get used to using a pack again, in preparation for the DK 200.  Thus I wasn't planning on stopping.  But as I neared Gillman the allure of a cold soda was too hard to pass up!
I need with 6.5 hours and 121 miles.

Sunday we were up early, earlier than school days, getting ready to head to St. Paul for a First Communion.  I wasn't sure if it would work but I brought a bike to ride home.  Well it worked so I   got dropped of in Plymouth at the start of the  Luce Line trail.  I took that to Winsted where I headed North on 6.  Once I neared parts of the Dirt Bag course I jumped on it.  It was further than I anticipated, 81 miles in 4 hours 15 minutes, but I felt pretty dang good.

The week ended bigger than I've had in a long time: 21.5 hours and almost 400 miles...solid.

I've yet to make a TNR due to life, etc but this is the week!

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