Monday, May 15, 2017


I worked Saturday at the shop but still wanted to get a ride in.  Knowing I'm not much for riding after work I was up early and on the bike shortly after 5.  Once again I was on the Evergreen, my favorite bike currently.  I pretty much did the same route as on Wednesday (mini Dirt Bag)...3 hours and 52 miles.  Not a bad start to the work day: 3 hour ride and two repairs done before 9:00!  After work I headed to our house to mow the lawn.  It turned into a long day!

Sunday my mom was up at the lake with the kids and Jen was with her mom up at her Grandma's so I was solo.  I wasn't up super early but early enough, on the bike by 7.  I planned on the original Dirt Bag course minus Franklin Road.  I was really feeling good.  On longer climbs the legs started to bark some but overall I was grooving.  A bit over 5 hours and 90 miles.
Within 30 minutes of finishing my ride I was out back with my dad cutting and moving trees for 3 hours.  I think the tree cutting was harder than the ride.  Finally time for a shower then off to the grocery store to get dinner supplies: steak (I didn't eat), potatoes, veggies for grilling, and salad.
Dang solid weekend.

Just shy of 20 hours and 361 miles on the week.

The weather this week looks to be stormy.  Just have to go with the flow and ride when it works.

I've been planning and getting stoked on biking to Madison for over a month now.  I would have to leave on Thursday.  These plans are starting to fall apart.  I'm pretty sure it's out.  Brinna has a track meet, work is busy (and it's our anniversary sale), and the weather looks to be shit.  I still will go to Madison but most likely in the car and on Friday.

Happy Monday.

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