Monday, June 19, 2017

A Solid Week of Riding.

While I didn't race on Saturday I did have a full weekend of riding.  I had a short day at work on Friday so I got out for a ride in the early afternoon.  I took the Evergreen and headed west into the wind.  Not sure if it was the wind, the 42mm tires, or just not my day but I was working!  I made my way out to Paynesville before heading back.  I managed to find some rain on the way but no downpours.  Ended with 105 miles.

Saturday I had some stuff to get done at the house but wanted to get a mountain bike ride in as well.  A bit before 8 I was out on the Deadwood to spin the legs.  I hit up both Plum Creek and the North Loop.  I'm still giddy about how much I like riding the Deadwood, such a great bike!  After a couple of hours it was back to the house to mow and some other stuff before Jen and I would head to my folks cabin to meet up with the girls.

Sunday I hung out at the cabin till around noon then pushed off on the road bike.  If I take the direct route on the Centra Lakes Trail and Wobegon Trail the mileage usually comes in at 104 miles.  I wasn't feeling like I wanted to ride the trail so I opted to meander some on the way home.  Since Jen and the girls were staying at the cabin one more night I had some time.

It's about 30 miles from the cabin to the trail.  I kept going south, past the trail, for another hour.  My goal was not to run into I94 once I started to head east, since 94 runs at an angle.  I never came to a road heading east until Hwy 55, a bit further south than planned.  I took 55 for sometime as once again I couldn't find a road the headed back north.  Finally I found a road past Glenwood and battled the headwind a bit.  I was starting to get low on water and food so I started to scan the horizon for water towers, etc.  Seemingly Pope County and the western half of Stearns County isn't very populated.  I was unable to find a resupply point till Meire Grove and that was only a soda machine.  About half an hour later I came upon a gas station in New Munich for some much needed water.

I was now back in familiar territory and knew the roads to home.  I felt awesome the whole ride but the majority of it was with a pretty stellar tailwind.  I ended with 150 miles at a 20.9 average...yep a tail wind.

I had toyed with the idea of getting an hour mtb spin in this morning but slept instead.  Maybe this afternoon but Avery has a track meet as well.  I really think an easy ride after a bigger ride helps with recovery but sometimes it doesn't always work that way!

Tuesday is the Summer Solstice Century version of TNR.  We leave the shop at 4:30, not 5:30.  Last year we made it back before darkness.  Lots of luck and speed, we'll see what this year brings.

This Sunday is the mountain bike race in town.  A lot of work has been done but a lot more is needed.  Lots of detail stuff but also trail work.  We are shooting for Wednesday but if it rains Thursday.  Help if you can!

Happy Monday.

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