Thursday, June 08, 2017

Ah Snap!

It would appear I've lost the battle with the "cold".  My only goal is to avoid the "whoa is Ben" syndrome that tends to tag along when I get a cold!  The combination of a cold, post DK, and busy days at work I'm a tired dude.  I haven't ridden yet and am getting a bit antsy.  I hope to ride a bit this afternoon but will play it by ear.  I'd rather miss another day of riding if it means being 100% sooner.

While I was at work Wednesday night 10 members of the MMCC (Mid MN Cycling Club) tackled the jungle that is the North Loop.  Despite a few passing thunderstorms they got a lot done!  The report back is that 90% of the trail is awesome!  Well awesome!  Maybe I hit the loop up for a spin this evening.

Time for fluids....lots of fluids!

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