Friday, June 30, 2017

Another Ride.

Yesterday morning Jen and I met the the HVAC crew at our house but after that I was basically free.  I was off from work and Jen and the girls were going to a teacher friends cabin for and overnight.  So yep I rode.
I just put some Hutchinson Override tires on the Evergreen so planned on taking that bike.  The wind was much less than the previous ride and out of the NW...yeah a new direction!
I took a meandering way to Little Falls.  It was the wrong day to swap out the bigger (42mm) tires for the skinner (35mm).  Morrison County has some of the best gravel roads.  By best I mean rarely used, narrow, treed, and a bit gnarly!  At times I was in my easiest gear grinding through the sand sections. So fun.

At Little Falls I grabbed a Coke and topped of my water.  I continued West on 27 till Dove Road/County Road 1 and started my way back for home.  I did need to be home for a Rox Baseball game with my dad so I stuck to pavement to ensure I got back in time.  Ended with 121 miles in 6.5 hours.
I hoped to ride mtb this morning but I woke to thunderstorms around 3.  I shut off my alarm and went back to sleep.  Maybe a short spin this afternoon but I have lots to do at work and more storms are predicted.  Man I dislike unsettled weather.

Happy Weekend.

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