Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I got out for a ride!  I almost talked myself out of riding but decided an hour is better than nothing.  So after 8 days off I headed out for a ride.
I decided on a Briggs Lake loop but about 45 minutes in I was feeling good and decided to go a few roads more to the East before turning North.  The same thing happened while I was riding North...just a few more intersection, then I'll turn.  I was surprised how good I felt.  Granted I wasn't doing any hard efforts and the hills out that way are basically nonexistent,  but usually after a longer period off the bike and I feel pretty sluggish on the first ride out.
Turns out it was a good thing I left my lights on the bike!  I got home a bit after 9, giving me a 3.5 hour ride.

My TNR is happening this morning, so 5:30 am not pm.  It looks like storms may roll in this evening and I want to finish my mountain bike and hopefully get it out for a quick spin (if it doesn't rain) this evening.
Man I need to get back on the TNR train.  I've only made it to one!  Well next Tuesday is a go for sure...Summer Solstice Century.  Reminder: TNR next week leaves at 4:30 and is 100 miles at a 20+mph average.  Always a good time.

Currently the forecast for the Chequamegon 100 (this coming Saturday) is predicting rain, 90%.  Ugh.  I've already decided if it looks like rain I'm out.  I've done this event twice.  Once in the rain and once it was canceled due to too much rain.  I'm not about to go destroy a new bike in the slop.  I already have a backup plan: bike to my parent's cabin.  Jen and the girls will be there as well.  I mentioned this to Jen and Harper overheard.  She was stoked at the possibility I may be there.  Well now I almost feel I should go irregardless!

Time to Ride!

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