Thursday, June 01, 2017

Kansas Bound.

Ok not only have I been obsessed with tire selection (I'm over that now, Terravail 42's) but also the weather.  Rain can really change the outlook of this race.  I've never seen such bipolar weather.  Since about 4 days ago I've checked the weather about twice a day.  It's never been the same forecast.  Thunderstorms of some sort have been predicted, anywhere from 40-90%.  But last night it was partly cloudy and only 20% chance of rain, not storms!  Well 7 hours later it's back to 60% chance of thunderstorms.  Come on already!  I'm not sure why I keep checking however.  I have no control over it and I really won't change anything because of it.  Well I hope to use my road shoes and pedals (more comfortable) but I am bringing my mountain bike shoes and pedals to swap out should I need to.

I'll be heading out with Charlie sometime around 10 this morning.  We will pick up Ted in Minneapolis and then Charly in Rochester.  Should be a great crew to road trip with!
I'm excited and ready!

I don't have any grandiose plans to be in the top 10 or something.  Since I've last done this race it's blossomed into a serious event that attracts pro riders down to weekend warriors.  I hope to have fun, beat the setting sun, and get fewer flats than the last time I did this (6).

Suppose I should pack!

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Jazzie said...

My hubby just bought Mens Cycling Clothes last week since we are planning to try a new route and hike afterwards. I am really excited about it, hope the weather will be good.